Soaring Crane Chi Kung, Volume I

Soaring Crane Chi Kung, Volume I
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    Soaring Crane Chi Kung, Volumes I

    Because of its gracefulness and specific attention focused directly on therapeutic points, the Soaring Crane is a very subtle yet powerful form of Chi Kung. Like the Crane it is quiet and reflective nurturing six main points: round, far, soft, continuous, slow, and happy. The form is broken down into five sections for flowing the chi, and a sixth section that includes an active self directed standing meditation, which invites the practitioner to free themselves of all blockages and engage the body, mind, and spirit in an altered state free-for-all.

    VOLUME I is broken down into the following chapters (approximate running time 60 minutes):


    This chapter discusses Soaring Crane Chi Kung's roots from the creator, Zhao Jin Xiang, its development, and the main points of practice.


    This chapter presents instruction for Section One of the Soaring Crane Chi Kung and methods for uniting with the six directions: South, East, West, North, Heaven, and Earth, as well as breathing and ideas for restoring the chi.


    Section Two presents the Soaring Crane's methods for integrating Heaven, Person, & Earth, and opening meridians of the hands.

    Opening the Energy Gates:

    This chapter presents instruction for Section Three and circulating chi on the small (or, micocosmic) orbit using head and neck movements (specifically the Dazhui point), as well as opening the Mingmen (Life Gate) point, Baihui (One Hundred Convergences) point, and Yongquan (Bubbling Well) point.

    Water Play:

    Instruction for Section Four of the Soaring Crane focuses on movements meant for opening stagnant points and flowing the chi on the Yin and Yang channels of the arms and legs.


    Instruction for Section Five focuses on forgathering the chi at its source or blending the external chi with the internal chi.


    Section Six, or the Advanced Meditation, is a remarkable meditative practice that we haven't seen anywhere else to date but in the Soaring Crane Chi Kung. It can be practiced by, standing still and calm, or, instead, you can focus on three therapeutic points and release tension with movements, you allow to happen, that go from small to large and large to small, exploring balance, chi flow, or releasing any form of mental or physical blockages.