T'ai Chi of the Wu Style featuring the Life's Work of Dr. Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua

T'ai Chi of the Wu Style featuring the Life's Work of Dr. Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua
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    T'ai Chi of the Wu Style (333 pp., Perfect Paperback, Permabound, 8 x 10), compiled by Gerald A. Sharp and featuring the life's work of Dr. Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua with an inspirational Foreword by Ma Hai Long, Ma and Wu's eldest son and President of the Chian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association since 1998, is a landmark book on the philosophy and practice of Wu Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

    After the passing of Ma Yueh Liang on March 13, 1998, we at Chi Flow Books were determined to translate, more precisely, what has become known as the ”orange book” of Wu Style T'ai Chi; as well as compile all of the essential information from Ma and Wu's books on the practice of the Slow Set and the Simplified.

    This fresh translation is complete and available to the public for the first time. We have also included information (relevant to the Basics and Slow Set practice) from 6 other books written by Ma and Wu including the Wu Simplified (which interestingly enough the line drawings for the Slow Set for the "orange book" were based on) as well as many of Ma and Wu's insights into the internal dynamics and advancing one's practice. Additionally, Ma's observations, as a hematologist, of the effects of T'ai Chi practice on glycolysis and mitosis are presented.

    The Table of Contents are as follows:

    Foreword, by Ma Hai Long…..p. 6

    Preface…..p. 9

    Chapter One: Origins…..p. 18

    Chapter Two: Mind and Body…..p. 27

    Chapter Three: Health vs. Martial…..p. 35

    Chapter Four: Philosophy Meets Science…..p. 44

    Chapter Five: Stages of Practice…..p. 54

    Chapter Six: Basics…..p. 70

    Chapter Seven: The Simplified T’ai Chi Ch’uan…..p. 86

    Chapter Eight: Etymology of the Forms…..p. 151

    Chapter Nine: The Traditional Wu Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan Slow Set…..p. 172

    Chapter Ten: A Brief Overview of Push Hands…..p. 314

    Appendices…..p. 317

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