Baguazhang 72 Leg Techniques

Baguazhang 72 Leg Techniques
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    The Bagua 72 Leg Techniques in Two Volumes

    This Two-Volume video series (with each dvd approximately 45 minutes each) presents the rare 72 Leg Techniques of Baguazhang in the following volumes and chapters:


    Introduction: Concise Overview of Bagua's 72 Leg Techniques and Gerald A. Sharp's Bagua Teachers

    Advanced Stepping: "Every Step's a Kick," and this chapter emphasizes this essential point, as well as demonstrates Elephant and Crane Stepping.

    Key Leg Techniques: Presents 8 Key Leg Techniques that are more often than not combinations of kicks including: low kicks, sweeps, and stomps, etc.

    Front Angle: A front angle demonstration of the 72 Leg Techniques form (in 8 Sets, as long or longer than the Old 8 Palms).

    Stand-Up Applications Part A: Several Applications from the form, using sweeps, low kicks, calf crushes, palm strikes, grabs, and stomps, etc. are demonstrated.


    Introduction: Repeats the Concise Overview of Bagua's 72 Leg Techniques and Gerald A. Sharp's Bagua Teachers

    Rear Angle: A rear angle of the 72 Leg Techniques is demonstrated.

    Slow Motion with Titles: The front angle demonstration is repeated in ultra slow motion with titles identifying the specific name of each of the forms.

    Stand-Up Applications Part B: Completes the self-defense applications based on the form in the stand-up phase.

    Groundwork: Coaches how to completely break down the guard with leg techniques and a strong stance, as well as how to obliterate the triangular choke and arm bar if "trapped" in the guard. Also shows methods for self-defense on the ground on concrete; further demonstrating the ineffectiveness of the guard on hard surfaces. Advises how to use your legs more decisively if you find yourself on your back on the street.

    The Leg Techniques are not just for kicking...

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