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Bagua Power & 72 Leg Training Duo

Bagua Power & 72 Leg Training Duo
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    Three Bagua Videos at a Savings!

    The Bagua Power Training Video is a single volume with over 70 minutes of instruction. The video provides instruction for 8 Bagua Zhangzhaung postures, 8 Bagua Gong Postures (combination energy and health exercise), Bagua Deer Hook Training for Developing Internal Strength, Bagua Push Hands Methods (Basic Rou Shou), as well as ancient and modern Bagua strength training methods.

    The Bagua 72 Leg Techniques Video Series is in Two Volumes (Over 90 minutes of instruction) demonstrates the 72 Leg Techniques form from two angles, a slow motion chapter with all form names labeled, 8 major leg techniques, as well as a barrage of applications using kicking, sweeping, grabbing, calf-crushing, position techniques, etc. Also unique to this series is how to use leg techniques to completely break down the "guard," as well as destroy the triangular leg choke and arm bar from the "mount" position, and much more.

    Each Video is Fully-Chaptered! Over 160 Minutes of Instruction!