Baguazhang Power Training

Baguazhang Power Training
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    Bagua Power Training

    This comprehensive single video (of approximately 70 min.) contains the following chapters:

    Introduction: Concise Overview of Bagua Power Training and Gerald A. Sharp's Bagua Teachers

    Basic Stepping: A review of Basic Stepping Methods utilized in Bagua practice.

    Standing Meditation: Presents step-by-step instruction for Bagua Zhangzhuang

    Bagua Gong: Provides instruction for Bagua's Health Exercises utilizing simple movements rooted in Bagua's Old Eight Palms for chi flow and joint flexibility.

    Blocks, Bricks, and Strap-Ons: Demonstrates the use of both ancient and modern tools to develop internal and external strength as well as increased flexibility with concrete blocks, bricks, wrist and ankle weights, and a weight jacket.

    Deer Hooks Basics: Shows flexibility exercises using Bagua's Deer Hooks.

    Bagua Push Hands: The rare Bagua Push Hands are presented both in form and in free-style. Some styles refer to this practice as Rou Shou, but it is actually a separate training method meant to develop lightness and sensitivity in order to apply Baguazhang (Two-Person or Free Style methods) more effectively.

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