Deer Hooks

Deer Hooks
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    Deer Hooks

    The Deer Hooks* are one of the most specialized of all traditional Kung Fu weapons. They are also sometimes called Mandarin Duck Blades. If you ascribe to the belief that the hand forms were once the basic training for the weapons' forms, then the form you'd most likely be training for in Bagua would be the Deer Hooks. Additionally, these equilateral hooks allow for the entire hand to be employed, and either side of the hook to be "extended" as needed. Each hook has four points and nine edges, and is considered a traditional short martial arts weapon that was (and is) often used against a spear or a sword.

    You'll like the lightness and sleekness of this particular set of hooks. If you're just beginning, they are excellent to get a feel, and if you're a long timer, you'll appreciate a lighter, more balanced set; especially if you practice a long hooks form such as Jiang Rong Qiao's (8 Sets long, 160 plus forms) Bagua Deer Hooks set. The hooks are excellent flexibility and sensitivity. Heavy Hooks are usually used to train strength and endurance while lighter hooks are useful in enhancing precision and stillness. The portability and the padded bag that comes with each set helps make these hooks a park (or traveling) favorite-fits nicely in most over-the-shoulder sword bags or backpacks.

    Medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy maintenance from Tiger Claw. 11" across from forward tip to forward tip. Sold in pairs.

    PLEASE NOTE: The carrying case is currently NOT AVAILABLE! Additionally, we cannot accept a return or an exchange for this item.