Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set, by Wu Ying Hua, Ma Yueh Liang, Shi Mei Ling

Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set, by Wu Ying Hua, Ma Yueh Liang, Shi Mei Ling
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    The Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set, by Wu Ying Hua, Ma Yueh Liang, Shi Mei Ling; Translated by Gerald A. Sharp, Yang Shuyi, Yang Ying

    (Paperback in Plastic Binder, with over 225 original line drawings featuring Ma Yueh Liang; 118 pp. 8 1/2" x 11")

    NOTE: Check out the Specials page to see this rare book joined with an excellent demonstration video of the Wu Style Taiji Fast Set featuring Ma Yueh Liang and Gerald A. Sharp.

    This is the first time the Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set has been translated into English, and fulfills the wishes of the late Ma Yueh Liang that it be done. Great emphasis was given to stick closley to the original text published by the Henan Publishing Company. Additionally, the front and rear covers follow the green and red color scheme on a white background, as well as the arrangement of the Chinese calligraphy and the English writing featured on the original. Yet another detail carried over are the green and red Yin and Yang symbols featured on both the front and rear covers of the First Edition.

    Unique to this version is the addition of Ma Yueh Liang's picture on the front and rear covers, because not only is Ma the subject of the drawings featured in the book, but everyone who ever saw him demonstrate a solo form publicly saw him do Wu's Fast Set. He can be seen doing the opening of the Fast Set in the documentary, "Healing and the Mind," by Bill Moyers. In short, Ma and the Fast Set are synonymous.

    The Wu Style Taiji Fast Set is Wu Style's original form that was created by Wu Quan You, Wu Jian Quan's father, from his studies with both Yang Luchan and Yang Banhou, and which further served to develop both Wu's Slow Set and the Wu Style System.

    Comprehensive information on the mental and physical considerations for practice, and explicit information on the use of fa jing (explosive force) are provided. Included are the original line drawings (225 in all) featuring Ma Yueh Liang, Wu Jian Quan's son-in-law, not to mention detailed directions for practice of this lengthy, combative form.

    This is not a rehash of the Slow Set, but is a completely different and unique form, with text that presents new and insightful information based on Taijiquan principles for developing internal strength, training to use momentum and centrifugal force, as well as explosive intensity.