CHI FLOW ("Fu Qi")

CHI FLOW ("Fu Qi")
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    This light, sandstone color 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk T-shirt features a style of Chinese Calligraphy known as, "Cao Shu," or Grass style. It's intricate flowing style is often thought of as a kind of free form art, and was popularized during the Han Dynasty (48 B.C.)

    The words "Fu Qi "are painted in black and mean, primarily, "Flow the Qi," and at the base of the Chinese characters are the words, "CHI FLOW" with a Yin & Yang symbol instead of the letter "O" in the word FLOW.

    Interestingly enough, when spoken, Fu Qi can sometimes also be taken to mean "Ultimate Lucky." A "win-win" meaning with positive results either way it goes, or "flows" as it were.

    The front features a smaller, vertical arrangment depicting characters over the left breast, while the back features larger print that is arranged horizontally.

    The following adult sizes are currently available: XXL, XL, S. Please follow your purchase with a courtesy email informing us of the size(s).