Liangong I: Stress, Strains and Sprains (DVD)-SPECIAL EDITION

Liangong I: Stress, Strains and Sprains (DVD)-SPECIAL EDITION
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    This Special Edition includes professionally shot footage of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, the creator of Liangong, demonstrating all 18 exercises in an instructional format from multiple angles!

    This one-of-a-kind video contains the original set of 18 exercises developed by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming through scientific testing on patients with acute pain in the shoulders, back, waist and legs. The exercises have now grown to 54 (through further testing with patients with tendonitis and cardiopulmonary and respiratory issues) and the Complete Series (all 54) can be purchased at this link:

    Liangong: The Complete Series

    Also new to this particular volume are explanations of target and affected areas, which are the hallmark of Liangong practice and sets it apart from many other stretching and isometric training systems.

    This English language video presents Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming and his son, Zhuang Jian Shen, performing the movements with new, additional and rare (professionally shot) footage of Dr. Zhuang himself.

    A description follows each exercise and describes the purpose and health application of the movements. The video is professionally produced and is approximately 75 minutes long.

    Previous customers who have purchased Liangong, the Complete Series or Liangong, Volume I: Stress, Strains, and Sprains from us, please contact us for a discount on this valuable upgrade featuring more of Dr. Zhuang or may click on the following link to see if you qualify:

    Liangong One: Special Edition Upgrade