Liangong, The Complete Series (with new footage of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming)

Liangong, The Complete Series (with new footage of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming)
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    UPDATED with professionally shot footage of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, the creator of Liangong, demonstrating all 18 exercises from Series I and in an instructional format from multiple angles!

    A Special combining the 3-Part Video Series with "Liangong the Complete Book" is available on our Specials page.

    For over eight years now, this English language three-part DVD video series remains one of our most popular. Why? Because it works, plain and simple. Some people report immediate relief from neck and shoulder stress, back pain, and tightness in the legs, ankles and feet from these relatively simple looking exercises.

    And now it just got better with new professionally shot footage of Dr. Zhuang himself demonstrating the first eighteen exercises in an instructional format from multiple angles.

    The exercises were developed in Shanghai in 1974 by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming who tested the effectiveness of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Chi Kung exercises on thousands of patients with acute pain. The result was not only modification of the exercises for maximum result, but the discovery of a unique method of stretching, that being the lifting of the sternum and the dropping of the tailbone within shapes that isolate problem areas often not moved, let alone exercised. This differs from many stress release exercise regimens that emphasize elongation of the muscles rather than isolating connective tissue for maximum benefit.

    This is the most authoritative English language series of Liangong available and the only one featuring the creator of Liangong, Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming and his son, Zhuang Jian Shen. The series is edited and voiced by Gerald A. Sharp, a certified student of Dr. Zhuang.

    A description of the purpose and health application follows each of the 54 exercises on all 3 Volumes. Each video in the series is professionally produced and is over 50 minutes long. Volume One is over 75 minutes long.

    Previous customers who have purchased Liangong, the Complete Series or Liangong, Volume I: Stress, Strains, and Sprains from us, please contact us for a discount on this valuable upgrade featuring more of Dr. Zhuang.