Move Gently, Move Mountains

Move Gently, Move Mountains
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    This one-of-a-kind T-Shirt features classic drawings of famous T'ai Chi Masters including: Chen Fake, Yang Cheng Fu, Wu Ying Hua, Ma Yueh Liang, Wu Chian Chuan, Hao Shao Ru, Chen Zhaokwei, and Gu Liu Xin. Printed on a black, 100% Cotton, T-Shirt, and cast on a rich yellow background, the details are painted with earthen brown, orange amber, and the drawings are lined and shadowed in black.

    The front features Chen Fake in "Turn Flowers from Under the Sea's Bottom," Yang Cheng Fu in "Grasp Bird's Tail (Ward Off)," Wu Ying Hua in "Single Whip" (Slow Set), Ma Yueh Liang in "Raise Hand, Step Up" (Fast Set), Wu Chian Chuan in "Separation of Left Leg," and Hao Shao Ru in "Fist Under Elbow."

    At the center of the front of the design is the clockwise, or Yin, version of Yin and Yang. This is synonymous with the fact that the front of the body is identified as the yin part of the body. Additionally, the words "Move Gently" are inscribed at the foot of the practitioners.

    The back of the shirt features classic applications of T'ai Chi with Chen Fake and Chen Zhaokwei in "Big Rolling," followed by a Chin Na application related to Chen Style's Canon Fist form, "Flying Step and Twist Elbow," in the center is Wu Style's, "The Great Turn Over Method," then a woman executes a self defense application of "Raise Hand, Step Up," and finally Yang Cheng Fu practices Da Lu with Gu Liu Xin. They are situated in the sky above the clouds and a silhouette from an original photograph of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming.

    At the very center of the rear design is the counter clockwise (or Yang) version of the Yin and Yang symbol which is related to the idea that the back of the body is Yang. At the base of the mountains the words, "Move Mountains" are inscribed.

    The following adult sizes are currently available: XXL, XL, L, M, S.

    Also available in "femme" sizes (cut with shape, wide neck, and split on the bottom sides) in Large & Medium (femme sizes run small).

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