The Pa Kua Sword: In Eight Sets

The Pa Kua Sword: In Eight Sets
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    The Bagua Sword, in Eight Sets

    This is one of the longest and most symmetrical of all martial arts sword forms we've seen to date. While many Pa-Kua sword forms, as well as many other martial arts sword forms for that matter, are practiced with only one hand, this form from the very beginning employs both hands in a balanced symmetrical way. Meaning whatever you do with the right, you do with the left, and vice-a-versa. Because everything is completely mirrored in both hand and body, it is sometimes called, "The True Bagua Sword."

    A must for those looking to develop symmetry and greater use of their not so used other hand (be it left or right!). This form is demonstrated twice from one angle with a genuine combat steel, full size Pa-Kua straight sword.