Pa-Kua: Kuan Dao (Green Dragon Saber) form (DVD)

Pa-Kua: Kuan Dao (Green Dragon Saber) form (DVD)
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    Pa-Kua Kuan Dao (Green Dragon Saber): Demonstrated is one of the most illustrious weapons of the Jiang Rong Qiao School. The shear bulkiness and weight of the ancient Kuan Dao appears useless to some practitioners in this day and age. During the Three Kingdoms Period, this ancient weapon became popular for its usefulness in both long and short range combat. Today, it is a superior training tool. Developing energy and strength, as well as efficiency and stamina. At one end of a thick wooden shaft of this weapon is an elaborate, very large knife (Dao) with a broad-faced blade that includes a small hook on it's spine. While at the other end is a multi- bladed spike. For Pa Kua enthusiasts the Kuan Dao form employs a barrage of stepping strategies as follows: circle walking, crescent shaped stepping, linear walking, box walking, and yin/yang stepping; as well as, Kuan Dao techniques known as: Chopping, Cleaving, Lifting, Plucking, Retreating and Striking, Slicing, Splitting, and Stirring.