Wu Style T'ai Chi Power Training, Volume I

Wu Style T'ai Chi Power Training, Volume I
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    Wu Style T'ai Chi Power Training, Volume I, featuring Gerald A. Sharp and Zhou Zhan Fang.

    This is Volume One of the Wu Style T'ai Chi Power Training series. Volume One focuses on unique, "inner door" training methods (both empty handed and with a spear) for enhancing energy and strength. Also of note are instructions for developing power in both the Slow and Fast Sets, and a special chapter that covers using internal power in Push Hands.

    Demonstration and instruction is provided by top, inner door students of Ma Yueh Liang, Zhou Zhan Fang and Gerald A. Sharp.

    VOLUME I: Drills, Internal Power, Softness

    Introduction: Outlined is the purpose of Power Training as well as the credentials and background of Teachers Gerald A. Sharp and Zhou Zhan Fang's and their experience in training with Teacher Ma Yueh Liang.

    Barehanded Drills: Individual Drills focus on sequentially linking hand, body, and foot to develop "wave-like" power, as well as fa-jing (explosive force), and flexibility.

    Spear Drills: Drills focus on precision and fa-jing for enhancing energy and strength, as well as flexibility, grip, and reach.

    Power in Forms: A detailed description of how to develop internal power based on T'ai Chi principles in both Section One of the Wu Slow and Fast Sets are presented.

    Power in Push Hands: Top student Zhou Zhan Fang welcomes a friendly challenge in a Shanghai park and clearly demonstrates the power of softness (or how Rou overcomes Gan) in T'ai Chi Push Hands.

    End Credits: Reveals all the special people who made this video series (shot in both Shanghai and Los Angeles) possible.