Yi Quan Volume I: Mastering the Stillpoint

Yi Quan Volume I: Mastering the Stillpoint
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    VOLUME ONE (Mastering the Stillpoint):

    Emphasizes step-by-step instruction for more than 30 standing, seated, reclining, and walking meditation practices that emphasize the power of relaxation, mental awareness, and power emission as taught by Instructor Gerald A. Sharp. Eight chapters are organized as follows:

    INTRODUCTION: Sharp's Xingyi and Yi Quan Teachers including: Zou Shuxian, Huan Da Hai, and Cheng Jie Feng are profiled. Also a brief overview of Yi Quan's history is provided.

    STANDING POSTURES 1-10: Broken down and fully explained is how the classical Yi Quan postures were based primarily on the San Cai (San Ti) posture. Correct alignment, breathing, circulating energy, as well as power emission are demonstrated and explained.

    STANDING POSTURES 11-18: These postures emphasize balance and develop internal strength. Correct alignment and internal alchemy are explained.

    STANDING POSTURES 19-24: These postures encourage further strengthening of the alignment as well as develop internal energy and power.

    SITTING MEDITATION 25-29: Performed sitting on the edge of a chair, these meditation exercises are useful for encouraging health and relieving stress, and are easy to apply during a break time at work or while on a plane or similar mass transit during travel.

    RECLINING MEDITATION 30-33: The postures in this chapter emphasize reclining and help to encourage meditation, rest, or sleep.

    WALKING MEDITATION 34-35: Two meditative walking methods are taught in detail: "Take Steps with Concealed Hands" and "Turning Palms." Both encourage the development of correct alignment, energy enhancement, and movement alternated with stillness. Great for developing the central equilibrium as well as internal strength.

    END CREDITS: Aside from giving credit to the people who helped make this video possible, five-year old Master Jeremy Yun Sharp demonstrates the power of his "chi" and empty force techniques on his number one student, Gerald A. Sharp. With stellar special effects, it's sure to entertain even the most serious and uptight of all practitioners looking for the most "correct" practice and application of Yi Quan.

    (Running time, approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes)