Yi Quan Volume II: Applications & Sounds of Stillness

Yi Quan Volume II: Applications & Sounds of Stillness
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    VOLUME TWO (Applications & Sounds of Stillness):

    INTRODUCTION: Same as Volume One.

    YI QUAN IN PUSH HANDS: Explained is how to incorporate the simple standing postures of Yi Quan into Push Hands. Covered is how to connect the simple hand postures to opponent's joints as well power emission. Also of interest is how the power of softness and relaxation is specifically used in overcoming force.

    YI QUAN IN GRAPPLING: Basically covers how to use standing postures in Yi Quan in the stand up phase, takedowns, and reversals as well as techniques that can be applied on the ground with little force both from the bottom and top positions.

    THE FIVE TOUCHES: Teaches self finger acupressure based on the Five Elements (or, Phases: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, & Earth) that can be applied in standing practice to deliberately effect the positive flow of energy.

    THE FIVE TONES: Actually presents six sounds, a clearing sound and five tones based on the Five Elements that can subtly encourage a dynamic flow of energy to enrich the experience of meditation.

    THE FIVE VIBRATIONS: Teaches how to flow the energy, combining both the touches and the tones, based on physical characteristics associated with the Five Elements.

    THE FIVE SHAPES: Instruction covers the hand shapes associated with the Five Elements. These shapes are combined in the next chapter with the touches, tones, and vibrations to present a simple, yet profound meditative form for developing internal power with sound, specific pressure, vibration, shape, and movement (that is specific yet incidental and simple). These shapes, although not demonstrated here, have been used in hands-on healing.

    MUTUAL CREATION OF THE FIVE TONES: Brings together the touches, the sounds, the vibrations, and the shapes into a simplistic form that is similar to the Mutual Creation of the Five Fists Linking form of the Hebei School of Xingyiquan.

    END CREDITS: See Volume One.

    (Running time, approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes)