Chi Kung of the Wu Style Book & Video

Chi Kung of the Wu Style Book & Video
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    Enjoy Our Chi Kung of the Wu Style Book and Video Combo brings together the 3-Part Video Series featuring Ma Yueh Liang and Gerald A. Sharp and the book Chi Kung for Life (matching book) by Gerald A. Sharp and Patricia L. Kessler at a savings.

    This comprehensive video series is now joined with a comprehensive, fully compatible instructional book with over 300 illustrations. See the Wu Books section for an overview of the Table of Contents of this one-of-a- kind, very unique "easel-type" book.

    The following is a run down of the chapters on this Three Volume Series. The book presents detailed information that is meant to provide additional details of the practice. They are fully compatible.

    VOLUME I: Eight Methods

    In this chaptered volume, Sharp presents the entire Eight Methods of Wu's "first series" of Chi Kung exercises, and instructs in detail the concepts and substance of this rare and prolific practice. Also of interest on this volume is rare archival footage of Ma Yueh Liang himself practicing the entire Eight Methods.


    This selectable introduction shows Sharp's training certificates and photos with Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua.


    This chapter covers how the concept of gathering is employed to gather chi in the practice of Wu Style's Eight Methods. Step by step instruction is provided for three exercises that are performed from a stable horse stance.


    This chapter shows how to perform the microcosmic (small) orbit unhindered by using the mind, the body, and movement to flow the chi on this ever important route that is central to chi kung practice. Step by step instruction is provided for two exercises.


    In this chapter, step by step instruction is performed for two exercises--one broken down into two parts. Emphasis is made on guiding chi through specific points for enhanced health and mental clarity.


    Step by step instruction is provided for three different variations on exercises which challenge and develop both leg strength and balance.


    Two exercises are presented in depth and with step by step instruction of how to spiral energy around the limbs and torso.


    Step by step instruction is provided for three variations of how to blend both internal and external energies.


    Step by step instruction covers how to both synthesize energy, both inner and outer, and also how to open the Life Gate (Mingmen) point to receive ample amounts of energy from nature.


    Ever important in Chi Kung practice, in this chapter you'll see a unique method for storing energy naturally in the Lower Dantian. Again, step by step instruction is provided.

    Demonstration of Grand Master Ma Yueh Liang:

    In this chapter, 87 year old Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang demonstrates the entire Eight Methods of Wu Style T'ai Chi Chi Kung (All thirteen exercises and their variations). While the video's quality on this chapter is substandard, the educational content outweighs any technical limitations.

    VOLUME II: Five Elements

    On this Volume Sharp presents the entire contents of the "second series" or Five Elements Chi Kung of the Wu Style T'ai Chi system. Unique to this volume is how the postures relate to the Chinese calligraphy in contemplating shape and movement. A chapter detailing martial applications for some of the postures of both the Eight Methods and the Five Elements, as well as how to use flexibility in T'ai Chi applications is presented.

    Introduction: Same as Volume One


    With detailed instruction, Gerald A. Sharp presents the Metal form of Wu's Five Elements Chi Kung. Breathing and flexibility, staking and alchemy are discussed and presented.


    Following the polar expression of the Five Phases, the eastern star of Wood opposes the Western star of Metal, and both main parts of the movement are detailed and taught. The movement and shape and relationship to the Chinese character for Wood is also presented.


    The elusive Water Phase with its fa-jing and powerful movements is taught as well as its relationship to the Chinese character of Water.


    This chapter teaches the Fire form and relates the shape and movement to the corresponding Chinese character for contemplation and further study.

    Earth: The sitting meditation which is related to Earth is presented and taught, as well as the relationship of the posture to the Chinese character of Tu (or Earth).

    Martial Applications:

    This chapter provides a barrage of martial concepts relating to some of the postures from both the Eight Methods and Five Elements, as well as T'ai Chi form that can be used in Push Hands and self defense.

    VOLUME III: Daily Practice Guide

    This Volume includes a daily practice companion guide of both series each in its own chapter for easy access and recall.

    Eight Methods:

    All thirteen exercises and their variations are presented with the graphics listing all of the Eight Methods (and individual form names) for easy recall.

    Five Elements:

    Gerald A. Sharp demonstrates the entire Five Elements Chi Kung set.

    The video concludes with a rare photo image of Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua.