Liangong Book and Video Complete

Liangong Book and Video Complete
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    Enjoy the complete Liangong Video Series and book, 3 DVDs, 323 pp., all 54 of Dr. Zhuang's exercises presented in their entirety and in extreme detail.

    The video series presents multiple angles, close-ups, and specific information on form, function, and purpose. Disc one presents rare footage of Dr. Zhuang presenting the first eighteen exercises from multiple angles. The text includes over 500 hundred photographs and illustrations of Dr. Zhuang performing all 54 exercises, specific target area(s) of each exercise, and eastern and western anatomical language that details precision and exactness of practice for maximum benefit.

    Liangong is the most scientifically tested exercise system for acute pain, joint flexibility, and synovial layer and postural development on the market today.

    Look under instructional videos and Liangong Books for more information on the contents of these two products joined in this Special at a savings.