Chi Kung Duo (Ancient vs. Modern)

Chi Kung Duo (Ancient vs. Modern)
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    The Chi Kung Duo combines the Swimming Dragon Chi Kung Video Series with the Soaring Crane Chi Kung Video Series. The Swimming Dragon Chi Kung originated with the Yellow Emperor and the Soaring Crane was created/developed by Zhao Jin Xiang in the 1970s. Both forms of Chi Kung are popular throughout the world. The Swimming Dragon is based on the Five Elemental Phases, and the Soaring Crane is structured into six sections (with the sixth being the Advanced Meditation).

    Included are specific directions for structure, movement and flowing the chi. Four videos--nearly three hours of training and instruction featuring Gerald A. Sharp, studied the Swimming Dragon Chi Kung with Ju Bengyi, a student of the prominent Chi Kung Teacher, Guo Ling, and studied the Soaring Crane Chi Kung with Wang Shunxi, a student of Zhao Jinxiang the creator/developer of Soaring Crane Chi Kung.

    Information about the chaptering for each video can be viewed at the following links:

    Swimming Dragon Chi Kung

    Soaring Crane Chi Kung