Power Push Hands, Volume I

Power Push Hands, Volume I
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    Power Push Hands, Volume I: Power, Rooting & Techniques (50 min.)

    Chapter 1. Single Hands Methods: This chapter presents the 5 Single Hands methods of the Wu School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan in depth and detail. There are close-ups and never before seen advanced variations. Aside from presenting the training techniques, emphasis is made on rooting, sticking to, and adhering.

    Chapter 2. Solo and Double Hands Methods: This chapter presents the solo hands exactly as they were transmitted to two indoor students of Ma Yueh Liang. The complete Peng (Ward Off), Lu (Roll back), Ji (Press), and An (Push Down) are presented with precision and exactness. Never before shown is the specific order of the solo hands as: Peng (Ward off), Lu (Roll back), An (Push down), and Ji (Press). This is because, why the solo hands is a great training method, push hands is all about T'ai Chi for Two. Therefore, when this order is joined, Peng, Lu, Ji, and An emerges, is fully realized and precisely trained with two people. No other video has explained this aspect of Wu's inner door training as they were transmitted by Grandmaster Ma to date.

    Chapter 3. The Thirteen Methods: This chapter presents the 13 methods of Wu style T'ai Chi Ch'uan as taught by Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang. Despite other claims, this is Wu Chian Chuan's version of the 13 Methods as transmitted by Ma Yueh Liang and it has never been presented before on any other video series. We have seen other videos with versions of the Wu style 13 Methods that miss the mark entirely, and don't even follow the Chinese or English versions of Ma's writings. Later in the series, Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang himself demonstrates these methods. Also shown in detail and not available anywhere else is the advanced training method of the Changing Frame in which the practitioners change and spontaneously use the 13 Methods. This chapter fully breaks down with close-ups and slow motion the mainstay techniques of Wu's double push hands. Many of these methods are applicable to any style of martial arts.

    The Complete Power Push Hands, Volumes I & II is available for $100 with your choice of any book (except Li Tianji's "Skill of Xingyiquan" and is currently on DVD (or VHS**). The series is primarily matched with the book, "Wu Style Taichichuan Push Hands," which was originally written by Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua before it was translated with Zee Wen. This book presents classic information on Wu's intricate push hands methods, as well as compliments our newest series. However, if you already own this work, then feel free to follow your order with an email requesting an alternative choice from our holdings. All choices will be honored with this offer, except Li Tianji's Skill of Xingyiquan.

    **This video series was designed primarily for DVD viewing.