Power Push Hands, Volume II

Power Push Hands, Volume II
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    Power Push Hands II: Application, Defenses & Greatness (40 min.)

    Chapter 1. Introduction: This chapter presents an introduction of the two featured practitioners, and verifiable indoor students of Ma Yueh Liang: Gerald A. Sharp and Zhou Zhan Fang. Sharp's original application into the Chian Chuan T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association in 1990 is shown revealing that he was not only accepted formally as Ma Yueh Liang's student but as Wu Ying Hua's as well. Sharp's personal certificate granted by Master Ma is also shown. Then, Zhou Zhan Fang's discipleship photo with both Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua is shown along with video of a public push hands demonstration of Ma Yueh Liang and Zhou Zhan Fang rounds out this special introduction.

    Chapter 2. Moving Push Hands: This chapter presents the Many Moving Steps Methods of the Wu School both in real time and slow motion. Shown in detail are the Side Step, the Great Turn Over, The Seven Star Step, Nine Serial Steps, The Chain Steps, and Wu's Da Lu (Big Diverting). All the sweeps, trips, and neutralizing hand methods and steps are covered in this chapter of the video.

    Chapter 3. Free Style Concepts: With a variety of partners free style concepts and methods are covered in detail. Demonstrated with precision and exactness are neutralizing, adhering to, softness (or iron wrapped with silk), peng jing, central equilibrium, measure and strength, rou and gan--yin and yang in push hands. All scenarios are unplanned and spontaneous. While the concepts are derived from Wu Style Push Hands, they are common to a variety internal martial arts, and any martial artist can benefit from this information.

    Chapter 4. Iron and Silk Defense: This chapter shows more than 20 practical self-defense concepts and techniques against chokes, bear hugs, clinches, tackles, various frontal aggressions and rear attacks, armlocks, wristlocks, headlocks, purse snatching and multiple knife defenses using the power of softness from T'ai Chi and internal kung fu. This video chapter closes the loop on applications that arise from push hands training. Not only are valid techniques demonstrated, but also how to apply the situational understanding from push hands to self defense so you don't end up in court or jail. This chapter provides some of the best information ever presented on the application of T'ai Chi and Push Hands anywhere in any publication or video.

    Chapter 5. Demonstration of Grand Teacher Ma Yueh Liang: This is high quality footage featuring the internal arts of the one and only Ma Yueh Liang. In this chapter, you'll see why Ma is not only famous for being featured in hundreds of publications, videos, not to mention Bill Moyer's, "Healing and the Mind." Ma demonstrates his greatness with many of the 13 methods and Moving Steps as shown on this video publicly with some of his closest students, and he even takes on three different challengers with his "internal stuff." Ma Yueh Liang is one of a small and select group of the greatest masters in T'ai Chi's history.

    The Complete Power Push Hands, Volumes I & II is available for $100 with your choice of any book (except Li Tianji's "Skill of Xingyiquan" and is currently on DVD (or VHS**). The series is primarily matched with the book, "Wu Style Taichichuan Push Hands," which was originally written by Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua before it was translated with Zee Wen. This book presents classic information on Wu's intricate push hands methods, as well as compliments our newest series. However, if you already own this work, then feel free to follow your order with an email requesting an alternative choice from our holdings. All choices will be honored with this offer, except Li Tianji's Skill of Xingyiquan.

    **This video series was designed primarily for DVD viewing.