Xingyi Yiquan Power Duo (NEW!)

Xingyi Yiquan Power Duo (NEW!)
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    The Ultimate in Xing & Yi Power Training combines Xingyi, The Mother Fists with Yi Quan. The Mother Fists provides comprehensive instruction forXingyi's Chi Kung, the Five Fists of Xingyi with applications, and Linking Sets WITH Our Yi Quan series that teaches more than 30 Standing, Sitting, and Reclining Meditation and Power Structures. Yi Quan is the nucleus of Xingyiquan training, and in the late 50s and early 60s has been adapted by other disciplines.

    Included are Push Hands, Striking, and Grappling as well as fa-jing, neutralizing,, and countering against barehand, knife, and gun attacks. Four videos--over three hours of training and instruction featuring Gerald A. Sharp, student of Zou Shuxian, Cheng Jie Feng, and Huan De Hai. A more than 20% savings. Information about the chaptering for each video can be viewed at the following links:

    Xingyi, The Mother Fists

    Yi Quan Comprehensive