Sun and Moon Blades

Sun and Moon Blades
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    Is it a set of hooks, double daggers, or twin broadswords? The Sun and Moon Blades* are all of those and one of the rarest traditional Kung Fu weapons. In fact, from our calculations, this particular style, or something very similar, pre-date the Wind and Fire Wheels. Despite their rarity, they are an ancient weapon used in Shaolin and the internal martial art of Xingyi. They are often classified as one of the small, "axe-like" weapons found in Chinese Martial Arts. These twin blades are characterized by two short, diverging broadswords with three protective "hooked" protrusions to protect the grip and allow for hooking with one and cutting or aggressing with the other.

    The Sun and Moon Blades are normally held in each hand. The practice requires and develops flexibility and short-range technique, and was often used against spear or sword as well as other short weapons. With their double-pointed blades, as well as their circular, jagged "hooked" protection, these short-range, hand-held weapons provide a whirlwind of possibilities in connecting, neutralizing, and trapping an opponent's aggression. These weapons are especially useful for practitioners training in bare-hand (or limited) knife defense by offering two knives as well as something more gross to "get your hands, body, and spirit" around. They certainly train the wrist and other joints of the upper limbs for a multitude of uses.

    Like the Bagua Deer Hooks that we offer, these ancient, exotic blades also come in their own special, padded carrying case that helps simplify and support transport and storage.

    Medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy maintenance. 24" across from tip to tip. Comes with a durable, custom-fitted, black nylon carrying case. Because the case and hooks are "fitted," there are no returns.